Following is a summary of Mark’s governing philosophy and stands on important issues.

Philosophy: Mark believes that Rockville, and the rest of the Washington, D. C. area should prepare for an economy that is much less dependent on a government presence. He believes that our children will depend more on private sector jobs for their prosperity than their parents. Rockville needs to be much more successful at attracting high-paying private jobs to the City. Mark looks at the future of the City through the prospects of our own children. He keeps in mind 18-year old, 13-year old, 8 year-old, and 3-year-old children.  These young people are respectively 5, 10, 15, and 20 years away from their young adulthood when they will make life decisions about where to live and work. Mark wants to them to be able to live and work in Rockville and to want to return to the City as young adults.

Mark on the issues: Mark will work to save our Town Center. Within a decade after pouring tens of millions of dollars into the area, our Town Center is struggling. There are at least 15 empty store fronts in Town Square or within a block of Town Square. This is a stunning development. There is also blight north of Beall Avenue across from Town Square. Too many restrictions have stunted the growth of this area. It is becoming a giant food and brew court.

Mark will fight for our Schools. Mark and the rest of Team Rockville will form a County-wide movement to prioritize school construction funding; the proper and effective way of getting more classroom space. This is an issue that can only be solved at the county level and in coalition with many partners. It is not solved by a piece of paper like the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinances which has been a failure.

Mark will preserve our Neighborhoods. As a successful former Civic Association President, Mark knows how to assess threats to neighborhoods and how to bring people together from different walks of life to fashion solutions acceptable to all. He knows how to throw a fit when necessary, but almost always can bring agreement through cooperative means. There are many neighborhood commercial centers that are struggling that should instead be neighborhood centerpieces. Rockville should be looking at ways to renew these centers.

Mark and Team Rockville will finish the Rockville Pike Plan. It is 8 years in the making, and it is caught up in too much ideology. There are few areas of disagreement and good-faith negotiation can bring a new plan to update the existing 1989 plan.

Mark wants a Vibrant Future for Rockville. This means a robust economy that provides robust services, a super police force, and senior and recreational programs.

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