Mark knows Rockville through-and-through.

He knows how to read the budget and how to read the City’s master plan and zoning ordinance. He has also biked every street in the City 4 times and walked every street once. Read about his CityWalk from 2014 through 2015: CityWalk.

Mark’s knowledge of Rockville means that he has a deep understanding of the issues and holds a record of accomplishment for Rockville’s future unlike any other. He studies issues carefully and provides a steady and reasoned voice on the body.

Interested in learning more about Mark’s positions on the issues? Check out the link below.

Jobs and economic development

Rockville should embrace a more vibrant private economy that is less dependent on the government sector.


Rockville should do a much better job of encouraging commercially affordable housing near transit. This is a way to keep ad-hoc boarding houses out of our neighborhoods! It will also allow teachers, police, and firefighters to live among us.

I-270 widening

Mark will continue to lead the fight against the bad impacts of i-270 widening.

Smart growth policies

Mark supports smart-growth policies.

City budget

Mark supports productivity improvements and will consider buy-outs for the City’s retirement-ready staff as a way to reduce spending.

Town Center

Rockville must address the fundamental economic and development obstacles to success.

Our schools

Mark will propose a plan to address the school capacity deficit issue to solve the $2.4 billion dollar deficit.

Champion projects

Mark will continue to work to provide transit-oriented development through Champion Projects and similar negotiation methods.

A welcoming community

Mark will make Rockville work for everyone.

Broader Council representation

Mark supports raising the number of Councilmembers from 4 to 6 in addition to the Mayor. There have been 5 elected officials on the Rockville Mayor and Council since 1888 when they represented about 700 residents. 1888 was also 32 years before women were allowed to vote. There are now about 70,000 residents in our City and we are much more diverse now.

Behavioral Ethics Ordinance

Mark will propose a behavioral ethics ordinance to address unfortunate behavior by a few of the elected.

Council vacancy

Mark will propose a tie-breaking clause to the candidate selection process when there is a vacancy and the remaining body cannot agree on a replacement.

RedGate Golf Course

Mark advocates a strategic evaluation of the 144 acres in the context of advancing citywide goals.

King Farm Farmstead

Mark will propose that the City immediately restore the horse barn and bring in utilities to the property as seed improvements that will make it easier to attract a private partner

Rockshire Village Center

Mark supports a mixed-use development with modest residential density and local shops that the neighborhood can support, along with some open green community space.

Deer control

Mark will continue to support methods to control the deer population.