Mark Pierzchala Brought Back to Council!

March 2016

In November 2015, I was returned to the Rockville City Council. Thank you very much for your support. Other council winners were Julie Palakovich Carr, Virginia Onley, and Beryl L. Feinberg. Bridget Donnell Newton won re-election for Mayor.

After 4 months on the council, I have managed to settle back into this demanding ‘part time’ position. The elected body seems to be getting along well. We have had a few disagreements, but they have been handled in a civil and respectful manner. In 2 work sessions in January and February, Mayor and Council came up with a work plan of 24 goals. We are committed to carrying through with this plan, which is achievable in this first 4-year term.

I am proud to have campaigned with Team Rockville for a second time. I regret that Mayoral Candidate Sima Osdoby and Council Candidate Clark Reed did not win. While this is the nature of politics, and the voters’ decisions must be respected, I think Sima and Clark would have done a great job for Rockville.

I have never accepted donations from developers or from anyone doing business with the City. Over my 5 campaigns, 63.5% of total expenditures have been paid for from family resources. The campaign costs and the opportunity cost to my business have been a large  financial burden on my family. Both in 2013 and in 2015, I was falsely accused of accepting developer donations. It is a pity when these false charges get in the way of real discussion of the issues. You can see a report that summarizes donations and expenditures over my 5 campaigns by clicking here.